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Meet new customers in 2020!

The Stitching and Craft Fair (Sy & Hantverksfestivalen) is far and away Sweden’s biggest craft event. Each year it attracts tens of thousands of enthusiastic visitors, all passionate about their hobby. Why not join us and showcase your wares? Many returning stallholders can testify that it will be worth your while!

It seems that knitting, crocheting, sewing and crafts of all types have never been so popular in Sweden – it’s great to see people of all ages getting involved. Naturally we have a huge interest in crafts ourselves, it’s essential for us as organisers. We follow trends, and make it our business to know what’s new, fun, easy, tricky and popular.

This burgeoning interest is also clear from our consistently high visitor figures. In 2019 more than in total 40,000 visitors came to the event and we have at total of well above 25.000 followers on our social media (Facebook and Instagram).

Products on display

If your business is in …

  • yarn
  • fabric
  • sewing machines/sewing accessories
  • knitting and crocheting accessories
  • scrapbooking
  • jewellery supplies
  • looms and weaving accessories
  • lace-making materials
  • embroidery
  • quilting
  • felting
  • wood crafts of various types
  • ceramics
  • metalwork
  • home furnishings and decor
  • furniture-making

… or anything else that’s craft-related, you’ll find plenty of customers await you at our fairs in 2020.

Come and join us!

Our fairs are famous for their workshops and other activities that enable visitors to really get involved. In 2019 over 40,000 people, all with a passion for needlework and crafts, attended our events in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Umeå and Malmö.



If you book 1 fair: SEK 1,050/m²
For 2 fairs: SEK 1025/m²
For 3 fairs: SEK 1000/m²
For 4 fairs: SEK 975/m²
For 5 fairs: SEK 950/m²

Registration fee SEK 975 per fair. All prices are exclusive of  VAT.

State your desired stand size in the form below. The depth of the stand is 2 or 4 meters. Please note that the smallest stand size allowed is 2 by 2 meters. The price includes the booked floor space and separating walls where applicable.

Upcoming Festivals

• Stockholm, Stockholmsmässan, 23–25 October 2020
• Göteborg, Svenska Mässan 29–31 January 2021
• Stockholm, Stockholmsmässan, 19–21 February 2021
• Malmö, Malmömässan, spring 2021, dates yet to be confirmed
• Umeå, Nolia 17–19 september 2021

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Intresseanmälan för utställare på Sy- & Hantverksfestivalen
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  • The depth of the stand is 2 or 4 meters. Please note that the smallest stand allowed is 2 by 2 meters. The price includes the floorspace booked and separating walls. All prices exclude VAT.

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